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1、 Paint surface maintenance
There is a lot of rain in summer, so it's not a good time to wax and glaze your car, because the acid in the rain can easily damage the newly waxed paint. In autumn and winter, many car owners always ignore the care of car paint. In fact, the paint is easy to be damaged. There are damages and scratches on the surface of the car body. How can we maintain the car? Spray painting should be done in time to avoid rust on the surface of leaked sheet iron. The snow in winter looks white and pure, but it contains some acidic corrosive substances. With the melting of snow, it erodes the car paint and makes the car body surface tarnish.
Snow road, especially after the city sprinkles snow melting agent driving, should brush the car in time to clean the stains splashed on the car, these stains also have a strong corrosive effect, must be removed in time. The paint surface maintenance can be used as a sealing glaze, and the high molecular polymer is used to cover the automobile paint surface to enhance the anti-wear ability of the paint surface, which can resist oxidation, gloss, acid rain and corrosion. And it can be kept for a long time. Basically, it's OK to glaze the vehicles once every six months. If you think the price of glaze is too expensive, you can also choose waxing. In winter, you should focus on choosing some anti freezing, anti-corrosion and anti rust car wax.
2、 Wiper inspection
Wiper is the impression that only in summer will use car parts, in fact, in winter is also very important. The wiper is the only tool to clean the car windshield in the process of driving, which directly affects the effective protection of driving safety in rainy and snowy weather, so the quality of the wiper is directly related to driving safety. Autumn and winter should always check the quality of the wiper and its effective maintenance, only car maintenance will let the car owners in rainy and snowy weather driving handy. After washing the car, clean the water on the wiper blade and the glass in time, and check the wiper blade diligently for cracks or damage. If so, replace it in time, otherwise the wiper blade will scratch the glass of your car. In daily use, timely clean up the ice left on the wiper blade after each use of the wiper. And when leaving the car at night, place a towel between the wiper blade and the glass, so that the wiper blade and the glass will not stick together when dewing or frosting.

3、 Film curing
Many car owners have such a misunderstanding. It seems that there is no need to put a film on their car. In fact, it is not. Film is an important means of car maintenance, car film can not only effectively insulate, but also isolate ultraviolet! We should know that UV exists all year round, but the UV in winter is only about 20% weaker than that in summer. Therefore, the anti UV work in autumn and winter should not be ignored. Due to work and life reasons, many people spend several hours in their car every day. If the film work is not done well, the sunlight exposure time is too long, and the ultraviolet radiation has great harm to human skin, it is easy to cause wrinkles, color spots and various skin diseases. In addition, long-term ultraviolet radiation will damage the interior, causing cracks and discoloration of the interior of the dashboard and leather seats, resulting in the aging of car accessories, seriously affecting the residual value of vehicles and the transaction price of second-hand cars in the future.
4、 Tire safety
The temperature is high in summer. When we check the tires, we usually can't inflate them too much. However, it is different in autumn and winter. When maintaining a car in autumn and winter, due to the relatively low temperature, the tire pressure should be added to the specified range. At the same time, in the daily tire maintenance, should also check whether the tire has obvious trauma, scratches, etc. At the same time, when driving, you should be careful to prevent the tire rubber from hardening and brittleness in autumn and winter. Not only the friction coefficient will be reduced, but also it is easier to leak and puncture.
5、 Air conditioning maintenance
The midsummer is over, and in autumn, many car owners also leave the air conditioner in their cars and ignore it. In fact, there will be a lot of dust in the air duct of the air conditioner. In addition, the air humidity in summer is relatively high, which will cause humidity inside the air duct, which will breed a lot of mold. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner frequently when maintaining the car in autumn and winter. Otherwise, if the windows cannot be opened for ventilation in winter for a long time, the air quality in the driver's cab will be affected, and the disease of respiratory system may also be caused. After the long-term shutdown of the air conditioner, the oil air of the compressor will dry up and stick together. It is better to start the air conditioner once every 5-10 days. Autumn and winter to do a check and maintenance of air conditioning is very important, not only can ensure personal health, but also can extend the service life of automobile air conditioning..
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